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Locked Out? Snapped Key? Broken Lock or maybe your home or business security needs checking? Gary can assist in resolving your lock problems with repairs, replacing old locks, updating your security and answering your questions.

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No. We DO NOT charge a call-out fee. We only charge for work commenced if requested such as labour. An estimate pricce will be quoted.

As local locksmiths in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset we are able to get to most customer call-outs within 30-60 minutes maximum.

Yes we do provide a warranty of 12 months for work commenced and for locks/parts fitted or replaced.

No. An emergency call-out is the same as a general call-out. We treat all calls as urgent for quick response.

Yes we are fully insured for all locksmith work and services.

We carry a large range of spare new locks and handles to fit for first visit calls.

We highly recommend replacing all your locks that have access to your home or premises. If you are insured your insurers should alsso recommend the same advice.

Yes, our locks installed conform to British Standards BS-3621.

BS3621 is a lock standard by British Standards Institute (BSI) for thief-resistant locks, BS-3621 locks are found on some front and back doors in the home and it’s a good way to check that your security is up to standard. This is why some insurance companies require door locks are fitted to BS 3621 British Standard.

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